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Berlin, Germany based artist Angelika Arendt creates intricate ink drawings and psychedelic sculptures made of polyurethane clay. Check out more of her incredible work at


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The Art of the Algorithm – LDF 2014 / London / 19 -23 Sept


Selected works by Suthipa Kamyam, a designer and illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand

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Featured Curator of the Week : Archan Nair [archanN]

JD Doria, Born 1961, interdisciplinary and independent artist, lives and works in Tel-Aviv. Maturing into painting coagulates a background in Cinema and Stage Art with a love for writing, combined with years of study and experimental research into territories of human thought and metaphysics, and on the overall an autodidactic and Dadaistic approach to life.

The Artist J.D Doria rather then composing, “˜grows’ his images from the materials, surfaces and mediums he is using. Technology is his organ of apprehension through which he curates the generative capacity of the work. His works is a complex and fascinating glimpse into Nature and it’s morphogenesis endless capacity. Organic, molecular, transcendent.

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Alexis Rockman

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Faryn Hughes is an illustrator of utopian and whimsical water-medium works, imaginative designs for children, and anatomical realism.